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Slabdragger > Rise of the Dawncrusher > 2016, CD, review


Starting a review about one of the most perfect sludge/doom albums I have listened to is a hard task. However, I will begin by addressing the pure groove carried all the way through this album, The massive harsh tone of the guitar carries out pure annihilation on one's eardrums whilst the funky tinged riffs make in impossible to tear your hearing organs away from their infectiousness. This album manages the most perfect balance of everything heavy, The bass tone bellows from beneath the thick wall of sound created by the guitar, Whilst the beefy, heavy laden, caveman like drums repeatedly punch you in the face as if you are being jumped in a dark, damp alley by a herd of heavyweight boxers.
Where do I start with the vocals? Yusuf has the perfect mix. He can sing astoundingly which weaves in sickeningly well with the heavy rolling riffs, He then opens up the underworld with his orc like shrieks which crack through the low rumbling instruments like a sledgehammer. Teamed with Yusuf's vocals, on the other end of the spectrum is Sam belting out bludgeoning roars that make your belly churn with grit and only breaks the limit of how heavy you think one band could go.

In all this album is literally one of the heaviest, grooviest, and relentless pieces of music I have experienced in a long time. With this musical offering Slabdragger pretty much gives you back your virginity to then just snatch it right back off you, I named this review 'Curb Stomped By The Dawncrusher' because you might as well open wide and bite the concrete because this album makes that inevitable.


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