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Fucking HK
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BLACKJACK Hong Kong – "We Rock Hong Kong”

The Hong Kong stunning rock band is smashing again.
Pure original Power Rock ‘80s style, with a mix of glam and AOR.
Simple catchy songs, very powerful rock with open riffs, easy rememberable verse and chorus for everyone: in a few words, top chart singles for commercial industry rock target.
Stage presence and look of the band do not go unnoticed, long hair, heavy metal chains, leather dress, makeup, and so on...
The band is coming from London UK and previously from New York U.S. and Italy.
His founder Save Blackjack (, after touring for years as a pro bass player in top chart rock bands, as INDYA and Tango Pirates to nominee a few, revamp his band “Blackjack” at the best here in Asia, founded in 1985.

In 2020 the band realized a new Video (“Rock and Blood”) + Album (We Rock Hong Kong - 2020 Bootleg Album) as a tribute to the worldwide rockers that never surrender.

Video “Rock and Blood”:

Record Label: Phantom Records – London (UK).
The Video “Rock and Blood” was realized under 2020 Covid-19 lockdown times, and some of the vocal melodies, guitar tracks and video parts were created by the contribution of well-known International artists.
The Album "We Rock Hong Kong - 2020 Bootleg Album" is a real bootleg album, that has stolen to the production studio in Hong Kong before the band recorded the final tracks.
The songs are indeed "guiding tracks" yet in midi mode, like synths, guitars, drums.
The album is available for promotional full free download by this link:

Save Blackjack and his band is endorsed by:
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Special thanks to:
Anett Horváth (Leecher) – Hungary (,
Francesca Tosi (Mediera) - Milan Italy (,
Vince Nardelli (Flying Daggers) - Hong Kong (,
Ashish Jerry Justin, guitar player of band “OZmium” – Hong Kong (,
Angel Rock (The Clan) - Milan Italy (,
Laudez Rose (Indya) - London UK (,
Pino Rizzitelli & Ronnie Alberti (C.O.D.E.) - Varese Italy,
Danny Fury (Tango Pirates) - London UK (,
Andy Basiola (Future Shock) - London UK (,
Giada Chelli (Violet Bland) - Florence Italy (


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