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Danze Macabre *self titled*

Hi community,

I'd like to introduce British based symphonic metal band, Danze Macabre.

Located somewhere on the South coast, the band feature the Owers twins, famously known as "Lionheart" who had a critically acclaimed NWOBHM album, also selftitled, 'back-in-the-day.

Musically, they're superb. The musicianship (and production) is second to none! And their vocalist Nell, is a trained opera singer (and comes from a line of pedigree opera singers)

Check out the video to lead single Jamaica Inn below... & tell us what you think! Debut 10 track album will be available soon. There will be some live dates, if anyone is interested, but I don't get involved with that!

My PHP / bbcode skills are a bit rusty, so if the above didn't work, this link should

To be open and honest, we are their UK distributor, but it is after all our job to tell you about them - It's up to you to decide if you like it, want to watch them live or even buy it!

I hope you love it as much as we do!

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