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Dzö-nga - The Sachem's Tales (2017)


Dzö-nga <zone-gah> is a black metal project formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist Cryvas. The band draws inspiration from world mythologies in creating genre-blending epics, imbuing a Cascadian black metal sound with classical music flair. Debut album Five Treasures of Snow explored the far reaches of ambient metal, with simultaneously claustrophobic and unforgivingly exposing songs about an otherworldly Himalayan ascent. 2017’s Upon the Shimmered Bough, a 15-minute art piece based on an original poem, introduced folk elements to the project in anticipation of what is surely Dzö-nga’s coming-of-age work. The Sachem’s Tales arrives as a concept album about Algonquin folklore, from creation mythos Against the Northern Wind to apocalyptic prophesies A Seventh Age of Fire.  AVANTGARDE MUSIC


Dzö-nga  is a solo project by Cryvas from Boston, Massachusetts whose Atmospheric Black Metal themes draw inspiration from myths and legends.  The band's name itself is a part-abbreviation of Kanchen Dzö-Nga, the name of the third highest mountain in the Himalayas, and meaning five treasures of snow which was also the title of Dzö-Nga's debut album.  The Sachem's Tales as you may have read above is about Algonquin folklore.  If you are going to listen to this album do it from start to finish in one sitting, thats the only way you can appreciate the flowing quality of each track as they kind of blend together.   This is excellent Atmospheric Black Metal and it also contains some Ambient and Symphonic elements that also enhance this ambitious recording.  KOJOTE


Band Members
Cryvas  Everything
Aaron Maloney  Session Drummer
Grushenka Ødegård  Female Vocalist

Track List
1. Midewiwin Lodge 02:34   
2. To the Great Salt Water 08:48   
3. The Wolves Fell Quiet 07:22   
4. Halle Ravine 04:04   
5. Against the Northern Wind 07:16   
6. A Seventh Age of Fire 09:22   
7. The Witching Meadow 03:25

Atmospheric Symphonic Black Metal
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Release Date:  Jun 14 2017
Label: Avantgarde Music
99.22 MB
320 Kbs



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