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Slutet - Jihad (EP) (2017)


Support the radicalization of yourself. get scared and arm yourself. run through life with scissors screaming at the top of your lungs. walk the path of the existentialist. all axioms disperse, all dogma scatter. kalasjnikov meat fucking the cunt of all laws. a kafkaesque labyrinth full of retarded poets barking at the sun like hounds in heat. <In her own words>


Jihad is the debut EP from Slutet aka The End Commune who appears to be a one woman adventure in total musical anarchy.  Lets begin…The vocals on this release are arcane, the pitch is in a twisted way ear piercing.  When I first began to listen it sounded like one of my exwives however, that passed quickly.  The musical aspect of the album is exceptional and expertly performed with some Near East influenes here and there.  This is a musical work that must be listened to several times before it really begins to grab you and pull you in, once in that place it will sweep you away, and leave you in desolation.  Slutet is truly other worldly.
In order to begin to understand this artist and her work you must first visit her Facebook page
Here, and then check out her band photo Here.  Now after studying the afore mentioned, you still don’t want to download this EP you must be living a very sheltered metal life.  Slutet: the end KOJOTE


Band Member

Track List
1. Match Questions - Gasoline Truth 09:55
2. Goddess of Paradox (Tiamat Yawns Awake) 16:27

Avant-Garde Black Metal
Uppsala SE
Release Date:  Apr 02 2017
Label:  Independent
63 MB
320 Kbs


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