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Shaman Ritual - Sinister Totem (EP) (2017)



Shaman Ritual is a band composed of-who knows how many members.  Sinister Toptem could be their first release.  They or he are a Black Metal band from  Jyväskylä, Finland and Sinister Totem is his or their EP. 
Shaman:  a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits.


I think Shaman Ritual is a one man Black Metal project, He could be a well known member of a well known Finish bend, I do not know.  This person or persons are so deep in the underground that a Cat C18 Track Hoe <excavator> could not uncover them.  The who it is aside, This album is absolute Epic Black Metal.  I started listing to the first track on this album and the vocals literally reached out and took hold of me and shook me in to some kind of trans state.  Each time a track would end my mind would say more, please more!  The vocals and the drums become one on these recordings, not to diminish the awesome guitar work. It’s just that the entire production seems to be one piece of metal that raps your mind in something it really, really wants.  There is a little bit of death buried in these tracks, I just didn’t want to mention that.  This year is not even half over but I am putting this album up as my album of the year <for now any way>.  This is a great one, check it out.  KOJOTE 


Band Member

Track List
1.Ritual 06:12
2.Shroud of Infinity 05:29
3.Hunt for the Mist 03:03
4.Inhaling the Trinary Visions 05:35
5.Being 04:27
6.Above None 06:32

Black Metal
Jyväskylä, Finland
Release Date:  Jun 02 2017
Label: Independent
31.31 MB
128 Kbs




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