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Zeit - Konvergenz (2017)



Zeit is a Black Doom Metal band fro Leipzig, Germany.  Zeit, which means 'time', is based on the philosophy that time is in fact motionless and only exists in our own minds.  Wir sind Nichts : We are nothing
Album Cover by Win


Konvergenz is the first full length release by the German band Zeit. While their sound is firmly rooted in mid paced riff-heavy black metal, there’s elements of sludge and doom in their music which makes the album an interesting listen to say the least.  The vocals come in as high pitched shrieks, cutting through the mid paced riffs with a cold, steely sharpness. There are hints of stoner doom mixed with the cold harshness of the black metal and the moody vivid melodies stick in your head like a sharp knife.  Zeit’s music is an interweaving of genres wrapping around black metal like a climbing vine.  KOJOTE


Band Members
Win  Drums
Fur  Vocals, Guitars
Flakmann  Bass

Track List
2. Rand 05:07
3. Nichts 05:31
4. Trüb 05:02
5. Weiter 04:31
6. Kalt 04:54
7. Boden 04:41
8. Latenz 05:45

Black Doom Metal
Leipzig, Saxony DE
Release Date:  Jun 02 2017
Label:  Independent
93.57 MB
320 Kbs




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