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Time Lurker - Time Lurker (2017)



Time Lurker is a one man band project from Strasbourg, France formed in 2014. Time Lurker is his debut full length release.


Time Lurker’s debut is impressive, It’s sophisticated and pretty thoughtful, and could be a tale about any one of us.  There are some slight elements of depressive and post-black metal throughout most of the tracks However, it’s still raw with high pithced screams and black melodies, great riffs and dark rhythms.  The guest vocals add a nice touch and boost the songs to an even higher level.  The songs all intertwine and react nicely with each other.  The Time Luker has made a very emperessive debut.  Black Metal enthusiasts will enjoy this one.  KOJOTE


Band Member
Mick    All  Everything
Guest Vocals  Cédric, Clément, Thibo and Tony

Track List
1. Rupture 11:27   
2. Judgment 08:15   
3. Ethereal Hands    08:31   
4. Reborn 03:53   
5. No Way Out From Mankind 05:49   
6. Passage 02:26   
7. Whispering from Space 08:36

Atmospheric Black Metal
Strasbourg FR
Release Date:  June 02 2017
Label:  Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
113.51 MB
320 Kbs




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