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Gates Of Chaos - From the Abyss of Darkness (2017)


Gates of Chaos are a Symphonic Black Metal band from Ivanovo, Russia  founded in 2014.  Из Бездны Тьмы is their debut album.


I have no information on this band, only that they are fairly new.  They released a four track EP in 2014 followed by single in 2015 and now of course their debut ‘From the Abyss of Darkness’.  Three years in it looks like they are on their way to a promising carer.  One might think that Sympony and Black Metal don’t match up very well however, in the case of Gates Of Chaos they both go together in a very special way.  The symphonic parts mesh well with both the vocals and the lyrics, and the vocals are some of the best I have come across in the genre.  This album has been well produced and executed, and makes for a very solid listen.  There can be nothing better than a Blackened Symphony  of Death.


Band Members
Erlhor  Bass
Nefarious  Guitars
Dien Maximus  Keyboards, Piano
Deadmort  Vocals

Track List
01. Знамение > The High   
02. Чёрная Вода > Black Water   
03. Тропою Скорби > The Path Of Sorrow   
04. Заклятие > The Spell   
05. Из Бездны Тьмы > From the Abyss Of Darkness   
06. Во Мрак > In The Darkness   
07. Перерождение > Rebirth   
08. Nostalgia (Nocturnal Depression Cover)

Symphonic Black Metal
Ivanovo, RU
Release Date:  May 25 2017
Label:  Soundage Productions
67 MB
320 Kbs




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