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DARKSEED LYRICS album: "Astral Adventures" (2003)

album: "Astral Adventures" (2003)

1. Dying Land
2. Fly into the Night
3. Where Will I Go
4. Can't Explain
5. Life
6. Hear Me
7. Souls Unite
8. Rain of Revival
9. Forever Stay
10. Waiting
11. Every Day
12. It Shall End

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1. Dying Land

the last bird from a scattered flock
seeks shelter in a tree
alone amongst the lonely woods
he will cry when noone hears
he will fall when noone cares
palls of grief hanging in the clouds
what must go wrong, so that we see
there's not enough to make us stop

we are the devils of a dying land
what evil spirit holds us here
we wear a careless mask
making friends with death
we are devils of a dying land

mankind took all nature's pride
mercy out of sight
demons dark around us swarm
forests' last time
the short last sound of singing birds
we don't know what it means
will we ever know?

a world where iron shells
can kill men's blood
a world of emptiness,
a dying land

2. Fly into the Night

Inside of you
Tears of pure frustration
Cascading down your heart
What could fill your restless soul
You may never know
You may never know

Come inside my painless world
Inside eternity
Open up your mind
And take a ride
Fly into the night

Broken, wounded world
Broken, wounded minds
No place for you to live
Liar's fires burn
Melting ice of trust
Endless filthy days
Laugh of evil lust

Come inside my painless world
Inside eternity
Open up your mind and take a ride
Fly into the night

I will find the light and bring it back to you
Hope is by your side
liar's fires gone

3. Where Will I Go

so many questions
but no answers about me
where is my home
in my head it drones

where will I go
senseless wandering
no open door
nowhere to return
where will I go
where do I belong
where's the end of my way
where will I stay, where will I go?

My life is hopeless
Nowhere to turn
Where do I fit in
Where do I belong
I don't follow footprints
I wanna make my own
Wherever I go
There was someone else

The answer to this quest of life:
Will I find my way
To refresh my soul
Exchange for promises and hope
I'm wandering in tears,
New perspectives I will find

4. Can't Explain

shadow-veiled, passing years
i can't see the sun
where's the land of friends?
darkness conquers us
when the dawn of night begins
deep beneath my chilling fears
lives the ocean of my tears
i don't understand the world
bodies frozen, love stands still
as the sun was doomed
and i turn to look to you
there are no words i can use
i can't explain the goings of the world
dark and cold
i can't explain misery
i can't explain cruelty
i can't explain success of lying
i turn away
anger pounds, sorrow surrounds
i can't stand this pain
neverending emptiness
everyday we look away
we are all alone

i am sorry
i can't explain

5. Life

in a maze of feelings
i lost myself
my colored window
now piece of broken glass
i can't stand it anymore
but i always do
how much more i'll have to give?

life's a neverending story
of disappointment
hunger yearns, greed is turning
good to bad

i wish so much to tell
but noone hears
i'm always wondering
how much more all take from me
taking this, taking that
again and again
simple hated life
nothing will remain

let me be
when will i be free?
crumbling walls i wanna see
i am sick of useless stories
now it's time for me to worry
worry about me

6. Hear Me

a bloody rusted nail
piercing through my veins
no light to change eternal night to day
here human life has no worth

i never found what i was looking for
do you hear me when i cry
i never know what to search
will you find it when i'm gone?

do you hear me when i cry
no you don't
chaos, madness, many sighs
in a world without hope

my mind's not filled with things to come
time runs away under my feet
a part of me has gone and died
life's going on and will do when i'm gone

7. Souls Unite

you're waiting for the gates
to be raised
when you walk through
your life will change
time after evil
hour after fear
it's the moment in life
when souls unite
...souls will unite
when you close your eyes
souls will unite
then the sun will rise
summer's might

i will give you the key
open the gate to me
the sun will rise
let our souls unite

emptiness is driving you
tunnels you are wandering through
your thoughts will set you free
from your private misery
i want you to see my world
i will wait for you within
you will walk on flowered dreams
mile after mile

someday the sun will warm your face
and heat your soul
when you sit happily in the sand
and unite with the stars

8. Rain of Revival

a gentle rain came down on all
falling down upon the world
washing away our sins
tears that cleanse the soul
and soothe the pain
rain of revival

rain of revival
running down my skin
no past's survival
remaining in my heart
rain of revival
remembrance washed away
my past's denial
i'm challenging the day
i'm sailing on the sea of change
conquering new lands
coasts of new adventures
unknown tasks, unknown fears
better than remaining here
i'll leave the world behind
rain of revival

will you join my walk
to new dimensions
i'll take your hand
to change your life

9. Forever Stay

the hours are slipping by
i stare into the night
into my deep blue sea
of unforgotten memory
i paint your face
into my mind
and kiss your tears away
for me there's only you

i want you here, forever stay
my heart torn in two
i'll hold you close to ease your pain
'cause i feel it too

we are two souls in moonlit autumn nights
rebelling hearts on wings of gentle smiles
peaceful earth and star-filled skies
no demon, devil, ghost will make us cry

i want you here, forever stay
my heart torn in two
i'll hold you close to ease your pain
'cause i feel it too
forever stay and save the day
forever stay

10. Waiting

the frost invades
the day's growing dark
lock your doors
misery arrives
black, silent smiles
passion is chained
hatred is born
love forlorn

waiting for the time
when sunbeams touch my face
feel its warm embrace
waiting for the time
when flowers rise again
growing over pain

forests burning bright
fire finds new home
the air blows hot
drying fruity minds
ashes fall like snow
burying our souls
my warning cries
were never heard

waiting for the time
when words will win again
spirit, thought and soul
waiting for the time
when jealousy will die
waiting for the time

spirit under ice
empty veins of blood
all ears are closed
all mouths are locked
murderers of word
murderers of thought
rivers flood down my cheeks

11. Every Day

i'm looking now where i have been
i try to see where i will go
this are two ways shrouded in fog
what is my existence's sense?
every day i'm wondering, will there be a change?
every hour, a loss of power - every day
every day i'm wondering, will something new begin
time is flying, minutes dying - every day

unsure of my heart, unsure of myself
wondering silently of what could be
i ask you now: is this life?
meaningless, a senseless, useless way

shattered nerves, but here i stay, every day
i will move on, the journey never ends

12. It Shall End

winds on winter fields
in the smokey sky
wandering storm
storming war
demons' lust in starving lands
the years are filled with lies and tears
no twinkling stars in distant skies
our fear is masked with careless smiles
where are the gods, where is their might
nightmares guard our life
they are lost in the midnight air
forever lost
love can't fill their empty lungs with breath

will there be salvation, a ray of grace
as soon as grief began it shall end

it shall end
while i stand
it shall end as soon as it began
it shall end
silent fading
it shall end
give us back understanding


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