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DARKSEED LYRICS album: "Midnight Solemnly Dance" (1996)

album: "Midnight Solemnly Dance" (1996)

1. Witchful Spirit's Care
2. Lysander
3. Love's Heavy Burden
4. The Sealing Day
5. Forgetfulness
6. Like To A Silver Bow
7. Chariot Wheels
8. The Bolt Of Cupid Fell
9. Night Mislead
10. My Worldly Task Is Done
11. Winter Noon

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1. Witchful Spirit's Care

I gave her eyes my own to take
and round she turned my sake
My hands in need
and gave herself indeed

I met a girl down in the meads
A fading rose was on her cheeks
Her honey eyes dreaming wild
Full beautiful, a fairy-child

And on the floor she's all alone
I sit upon this cold, grey stone
And I dream my time away
yet conversing as I may

And the stars through the spears
My heart waters full of tears
Run in blood down the wall
for another give you ease
Do you know who made you?
You are called by what you do
Into spheres, spheres we see
Joy reduces to misery

I feel my strenght to fade
Almost asleep, my only sake
She spoke the words, used the clue
"I love you true..."

And the fields, black and bare
The eternal winter's there
Fed with cold, fearless hands
in a rich and fruitful land

And the sun does never shine
Joy another loss of mine
In what distant deeps or skies
burned the fire of your eyes?
Never end...

2. Lysander

Neglest me, lose me
only give me leave
unworthy as I am
to follow your grief

Therefore the moon
the governess of floods
pale in her anger
washes all the air
Fall in the fresh lap
of the crimson rose
The human mortals want
their winter cheer

Love takes the meaning
in love's conference
So that but one heart
we can make of it
The stary welking
covers you anon
with dropping fog
as black as acheron

Thorny anger, be not seen
come not near out fairy-queen
For night's swift dragons
cut the clouds
I tary for the comfort of the day
Fair love, I see, I forgot our way

Stand steel, you ever moving spheres
in misery noone will hear
And they shoot chillness to my heart
I can't break the midnight sigh

3. Love's Heavy Burden

Under love's heavy burden do I sink
Can I go forward, when my heart is here?
I cannot be here, here and there,
there and here for You and I
are past our dancing days

I like the lightning
which does cease to be
ere one can say "I see"
Beauty too rich for use
for earth too dear
Did my heart love till now?
I forswear!

Regions near me seemed all alone
My mutual cry she never heard again
Now sadness is beloved, and love we gain
Alike bewitched by charm of looks

Night, sable Goddess,
from your ebon throne
Every eye is fixed on you alone
I thank you, moon, for showing me the way
Trip away, make me stay, meet me all
by break of day

You made mine eyes and merry tears
Oh, grim-looked night, the way you fear!
Full many flowers born to blush unseen
And waste their sweetness now
sure their last gleam

Trip away, make me stay,
meet me all by break of day
Heaven hell shadow-dancer
heatened blood makes holy hands unclean

Mine eyes look sad,
And grim-looked night away
Stare around the sphere
to blush unseen-your tears

When you turn away
Leave me out of the end
Turn your insane out
Leave me, it you will

Away from light steals forth my soul
I want give cure as know
But love's a smoke with fume of sighs
So swallow down and rise, autumn rise

4. The Sealing Day

I look upon myself and curse my fate
Shall I compare you to a winter's day?
Pull down your vanity, I say pull down
A world of made is not a world of born

I all alone beweep my outcast state
and my eternal spring is shall not fade
Some safer world in depths of wood embrace
The stars move still with sound of glace

And all the air a solemn stilness holds
My ear is much enarmoured of your silent notes

What angel wakes me from my flowered bed?
Oh, you have killed my sleeping fairy-land
I pray you gentle mortal, sing again
I'm wandering till truth makes all things plain

By moonshine did these lovers think no scorn
to stay but here awhile most radiantly

How glorious once above thy sphere
and all the air
Heaven's matchless king does glance
methought he is there

5. Forgetfulness

And I seek sweet favours carved in gold
And I bare the light my breath to hold
Early seen unknown, but know too late
How came this gentle concord?
Can you tell me was it fate?

I cross the entrance, push the door
to crawing sadness hurting more
I see I hear the trembling sphere
Come and pass, alas, stay here!

And I breathed such vows love used to swear
It's too rich for earth too dear
Now sadness is beloved and love we gain
I see me I see you and all I know is
hurt is lying plain

I pity silence sad
I enjoyed the vital light
Oh, that she knew, knew I did
God alone in grievance lies
I thank you for your cries
I leave you now.I leave you now

When I feel my insane blue
I dive into the sea of you
and hope to drown by falling down
Weapons out to pierce my grief
I hide my blade alike in peace
Drop the curtain, I will leave

I don't care, I don't go
I don't leave you when you will
I don't care, I don't go
When you cease my love to kill

Burning ice and wondrous flaming snow
And I see more devils hell can hold
I will leave the break of day
No more passion, no more lust
and only fume of sigh will stay

6. Like To A Silver Bow

Once I wrote her name upon the sand
but came a wave a washed it away
Again I wrote in with a second hand
but came a tide, made my plans prey

Who so list to think? I know where is a sign
I am of them that furthest come behind

Yet may I, by no means, my weared mind
draw from my thought, but as they flee
ashore, fainting I follow, I leave off
therefore, since in net I seek to hold
the wind

The sweet season, that bud and bloom
forth brings
The summer has come, for every spray
now springs
With green had clad the hill and ehe
the vale
The nightingale with feathers new
she sings

"Vain man" she said "that dost in vain
assay, a mortal name so to immortalise,
for I myself shell like to this desay
and ehe my name be wiped out likewise"

7. Chariot Wheels

Leaves by night and day
Webs with colours gray
But she still delights
mirrors magic sights

When the moon was overhead
The red-crossed knight forever kneeled
like the branch of stars we see
She loosed the chain, down she lay
The broud stream brought her far away
I am part of all she met

Rivers drowning lands
gleams untravelling hands
Wandering if I might
from morn to night

Cause I grew both deaf and blind
Damned to win, unskilled to find
Dark shores no ship's ever seen

The leaves upon her falling light
ere she reached upon the tide
Singing in her song she died

Hold me - to reach heaven from hell
Leave me - from cold eyes farewell
Hold me - in sounds royal cheer
Leave me - leave my palace here

When we fall, when we fall
below cold thunder's upper deep
When we fall, when we fall
her eyes so hard beneath the sea
When we fall, when we fall
subdue me to the useful good
When we fall, when we fall
to drown in sadness'brotherhood

8. The Bolt Of Cupid Fell

When fourty nights shall beside you brow
and dig deep wounds in your beauty now
Your youth's proud livery so gazed on me
tomorrow will be darkened sealed

Look how a bird lies tangeled in a net
Pure shame and awed resistance made him fred
So fastened in her arms the favoured lies
She found more beauty in his varied eyes

Cut is the brunch that might be grown
with you faith, the treasure of your lusty days

Then being asked where all your beauty lies
I say it to your deep-sunken eyes
"As if the dead the living should exceed
possessed by heavens heart and hand"

He burns with basful shame
She with her tears does quench the maiden
burning off her cheeks
Then with her windy sighs and golden hands
to fain and blow them dry again she seeks

Look how a painter would surpass his life
His art with nature's workmanship at strife
In limmming out a well-proportioned steed
as if the dead the living should exceed

9. Night Mislead

With how sad steps you climb the skies
How silently, how pale your face
What may it be, that even in this place
that busy archer his arrows tries?

Leave me, on love, which reachest but to dust
And you, my mind, aspire to higher things
Grow rich in that which never takes ryst
What ever fades but fading pleasure brings

Verbreitte die Stahlen, gib'mir Deine Macht
die die Wolken besiegt und dasLicht mir bewegt
durch den Fruhling des goldnen belebenden Blickes
Ich suche den Weg in der Dammerung schwer

And let the day be time enough to mourn
Let waking eyes suffice to vail their scorn
The shipwreck of my ill-adventured youth
Without the torment of the night's untruth

10. My Worldly Task Is Done

Falling, falling into the hole
Starfall, starfall-to the horizon

This hateful imperfection on her eyes
They swell like orient pearls
Why should they stay?
Pressed by love to go

You don't speak as you think
it cannot be!
Your vows to her and me
How shall we find the concord
of your night and day

And I go, oh spite, oh hell,
to vows that would consis
of the wind
So sorrow's heaviness
does heavier grow
Give me your hands of we be friends

Oh peace will not harbour me
since night's swift dragons
cut the skies

Night and silence, are you there?
Weeds of chillness he does wear
So awake when I'm gone
To heaven's breaking fields I come

11. Winter Noon

Well, my kind, in silence sad
trip we after what we read
We the globe can compass soon
swifter than the wandering moon

I look to like
if looking liking prays
I gather thorns
seek night to happy days

On life's vast ocean do we sail
I pity myself, cause passion is the gale

Tears augmenting the fresh morning-dew
I know my grievance or be much denied
Mistempered sorrow, fear me not!
You dreamt a dream tonight and so did I

And since you wove dreams of joy and fear
which made me terrible and dear
But I arose and saw the dawn
when light rode hight and was gone


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