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Ceremonia - La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error - review

A good, solid Death/Doom debut from the mixed French and Colombian Ceremonia.


Ceremonia's album 'La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error' is a great example of Death and Doom metal music to come from Colombian/French musicians. The opening track 'Amanever Fallido' is a blend of cold darkened passages. It haunts your mind. Tempos change, and you never really know what to expect. I love the feel of this and it's balanced really well. The changes are quite dramatic and interesting to listen to.

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There is also a rawness to it but in no way does it affect the production. It's just cleverly structured. The break midway through the song shows a lot of thought, and it's well out there as far as mood and melody go: a concoction of mind-numbing madness. It's a lot of riffage to take in all in one song. Three of the songs hit the 12 minute mark, and there is plenty of to keep you listening. The vocals are screaming, torturous and brutal. They flow over the music excellently. This is definately an album that grows on you.

The snare repeatedly snaps at your ears, keeping the music flowing. The drums have good variation and are recorded really well. They have a great feel in the way they can slow the tempo down, and using the wah in leads gives us that spooky ghostly feel to the track 'Anestesia Afflicción'. Having only started in 2011, and with multiple line-up changes, it's a great effort to have got this out there.

The music is based on an idea of creating a cold, dark and melancholic sound to explore the deepest, saddest, most negative and morbid feelings of the human being through the music. Some of the riffs could even be associated with Heavy Metal, but I still think they have accomplished this very well.

Christian Botero incorporates this feel and carries it through with his sorrowful screams. Even the low whispers are doubled well and add ambience to the music. Overall a good, solid offering. I'm sure this will cater to many people's tastes


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