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DARKSEED LYRICS demo: "Darksome Thoughts" (1993)

demo: "Darksome Thoughts" (1993)
1. Last Dream
2. Frozen Tears
3. Atoned For Cries
4. Lucu Perditus
5. Atoned For Cries (Rough Mix)

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1. Last Dream

Laughter of the night devours your life's brightness
Virgin is singing – apparition of your death
exterior of the dark's standing deep in fern
white robe's waving in fog like her pitch-dark hair
your past was grey, your future is black
tears of extinct days stream through her eyes
blood over your tomb

She begins to cry, the master of the dead
holds a cross towards the sky
her empty eyes turn red, ardor is her soul
I hear this screaming flame

Ashes to ashes, blood to blood
condemnation, dust to dust

The bloody, black full moon
illuminates her skin
deadly pale it shines
reflecting at your grave
beyond the shades of sun
where pleasure's obsolete

I stride into a cryptic faint
ashore benighted thoughts

Your past was grey, your future is black
tears of extinct days stream through her eyes
blood over your tomb

See the wind abate
your dreamland life now ends
downpour leaves the clouds
raindrops touch your skin
grass will grow on your vault
comply with the night

Unveil this appearance,
it's your deceased wife
walk through untrod glades
The undefeated low will end...

Define forsaken joy
domestic close behind shadows prowl in the dark,
messengers of god
a modest epitaph carved in your stone
what have they written,
your will never know

2. Frozen Tears

Follow then rain into the end of paradise
where the eternal dark's crying so near
cold wind plays with my minds
when the fog appears and lovely words
will change to screams

When I sleep I mount and fall
untrue flowers sprout and die

Feelings stained with blood
They don't endure this chill
engrained in deepest grief
silent, sad farewell

The daybreak drowns in my tears
a last spark mirrors on blackened seas
feeble waves whisper through the night
in the calm I saw angel die...

I cry – left alone
my grave – I can't evade
now I watch the stars
and silence crawls to me
my frozen tears will fuse and
leave my helpless eyes
implied I wait and stare
a view into my past

I cry – left alone
my grave – I can't evade
sniff a glacial breath of fear
weariness befalls your eyes
sadness thrives on lonely thoughts
they never fade away to dust
raven moves his wings
it flies into eternal sleep
thorns will bar the path to wake pain is bounding me, obfuscating me
I will find the dawn – redemption from my grief
fear is blazing up and penetrating me darksome thoughts now close my eyes
mischief is bright – shadows on my doom
can't prevent my death.

3. Atoned For Cries

I feel greed, ungracious oath
through current flows, through solitude
your stroke my cheek, this weird voice
a misty night where my lute cries

This distant sounds they flee from me
conceal my dread, black nebula
I may observe the pouring rain
perpetual wind they groan...

Irresolute they blow asleep
the curse the torch-lights scare
they bring along the roaring chimes
timidity sneers in your face

Extinguish the submissive light
shining through the exit of obscurity
I light the frozen fervor with my breath
nourishing the ancient fire
shettered in the lonely, tepid sphere
precipice into affliction
I'm walking through invisible gates
taking up the burden of ferocity
the twilight atones for cries
warm sunbeams take refuge
I roam through the meadow
I search the execrable dawn
I revere the fearsome side
crown of thorns adorn my soul

Words we sow and cries we reap
cold will bloom, but will it pass...

4. Lucu Perditus


5. Atoned For Cries (Rough Mix)


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