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#1 Industrial Metal albums » Choronzon - Serve Them Toxins » 2020-09-24 20:12:34

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Genre: Industrial/Avantgarde Metal
Format: mp3/flac/lossless

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1. Centuries Of Plague 06:09
2. Power Narrative 05:07
3. A Becoming Need Of Fire (Album Mix) 04:34
4. Suspended Outside Time 06:19
5. Desire Replication Injection Illumination 05:03
6. Serve Them Toxins 04:16
7. (Control Disintegrates) Silently 04:34
8. Inside Every Vermilion Canvas 04:58
9. Where Flesh Ends 07:05

Choronzon is not an "occult themed" project. It IS the thing, it is not merely about it, or influenced by it. Each 'album' or 'working' that is offered represents actual, protracted effectuations - some to create, some to destroy, and some are aimed straight at YOU, ALONE, who first see and hear the audiotextuvisualities - which are the Power, not merely a symbol of it or pathway to it. We open the sacred to the profane, and let them mingle. But that which was too much decried and described in past times require new codes, to protect its Current and its Codex. That which was open will close, that which was shut down will open out. Prediction is futile. Give up. But "give up" properly... "Those who know don't tell. Those who tell don't know."

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