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#1 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Dzö-nga - The Sachem's Tales (2017) » 2017-06-17 00:45:19

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Dzö-nga <zone-gah> is a black metal project formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist Cryvas. The band draws inspiration from world mythologies in creating genre-blending epics, imbuing a Cascadian black metal sound with classical music flair. Debut album Five Treasures of Snow explored the far reaches of ambient metal, with simultaneously claustrophobic and unforgivingly exposing songs about an otherworldly Himalayan ascent. 2017’s Upon the Shimmered Bough, a 15-minute art piece based on an original poem, introduced folk elements to the project in anticipation of what is surely Dzö-nga’s coming-of-age work. The Sachem’s Tales arrives as a concept album about Algonquin folklore, from creation mythos Against the Northern Wind to apocalyptic prophesies A Seventh Age of Fire.  AVANTGARDE MUSIC


Dzö-nga  is a solo project by Cryvas from Boston, Massachusetts whose Atmospheric Black Metal themes draw inspiration from myths and legends.  The band's name itself is a part-abbreviation of Kanchen Dzö-Nga, the name of the third highest mountain in the Himalayas, and meaning five treasures of snow which was also the title of Dzö-Nga's debut album.  The Sachem's Tales as you may have read above is about Algonquin folklore.  If you are going to listen to this album do it from start to finish in one sitting, thats the only way you can appreciate the flowing quality of each track as they kind of blend together.   This is excellent Atmospheric Black Metal and it also contains some Ambient and Symphonic elements that also enhance this ambitious recording.  KOJOTE


Band Members
Cryvas  Everything
Aaron Maloney  Session Drummer
Grushenka Ødegård  Female Vocalist

Track List
1. Midewiwin Lodge 02:34   
2. To the Great Salt Water 08:48   
3. The Wolves Fell Quiet 07:22   
4. Halle Ravine 04:04   
5. Against the Northern Wind 07:16   
6. A Seventh Age of Fire 09:22   
7. The Witching Meadow 03:25

Atmospheric Symphonic Black Metal
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Release Date:  Jun 14 2017
Label: Avantgarde Music
99.22 MB
320 Kbs


#2 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Slutet - Jihad (EP) (2017) » 2017-06-04 08:18:00

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Support the radicalization of yourself. get scared and arm yourself. run through life with scissors screaming at the top of your lungs. walk the path of the existentialist. all axioms disperse, all dogma scatter. kalasjnikov meat fucking the cunt of all laws. a kafkaesque labyrinth full of retarded poets barking at the sun like hounds in heat. <In her own words>


Jihad is the debut EP from Slutet aka The End Commune who appears to be a one woman adventure in total musical anarchy.  Lets begin…The vocals on this release are arcane, the pitch is in a twisted way ear piercing.  When I first began to listen it sounded like one of my exwives however, that passed quickly.  The musical aspect of the album is exceptional and expertly performed with some Near East influenes here and there.  This is a musical work that must be listened to several times before it really begins to grab you and pull you in, once in that place it will sweep you away, and leave you in desolation.  Slutet is truly other worldly.
In order to begin to understand this artist and her work you must first visit her Facebook page
Here, and then check out her band photo Here.  Now after studying the afore mentioned, you still don’t want to download this EP you must be living a very sheltered metal life.  Slutet: the end KOJOTE


Band Member

Track List
1. Match Questions - Gasoline Truth 09:55
2. Goddess of Paradox (Tiamat Yawns Awake) 16:27

Avant-Garde Black Metal
Uppsala SE
Release Date:  Apr 02 2017
Label:  Independent
63 MB
320 Kbs

#3 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Legacy Of Emptiness - Over The Past (2017) » 2017-06-04 08:04:48

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Over the past.
As the title will hint we are now writing a new chapter.  This album as been a journey to hell and back for us all. Accidents, cancer and other illnesses has been thrown our way from the day we started writing and recording this beast. Never have an album title been more fitting.  Over the past!
There is no real lyrical concept on this album other than the usual suspects like darkness, mhopelessnes, void and the odd historical moments.
Musically it's the opposite of what we did on our debut. This time all songs are brand new except for one that we brought along from the 90's, heavily reworked.
The cover artwork is based on the song 'Four Hundred Years' witch is about the 'night of the four hundred years' that is a description of the years Norway were ruled by foreign kings. The artist,Alex Tartsus, really caught the nerve in the lyrics and created this masterpiece.


Only by the art cover one can understand what ‘Over the Past’ is all about. It’s gloomy and dark bringing back some day in the past, a description of the years Norway were ruled by foreign kings. That’s Legacy Of Emptiness! A band that mix an odd past, with a dark present to the unknown and uncertain future. It’s an inviting piece of a disturbing and melodic music that Legacy Of Emptiness shows us. Despair is a track that shows it very well. A piece of modern metal, in the good sense, with some ancient instruments. Angelmaker reminds me a lot the 1990 pioneers which created this disturbing, but amazing kind of metal music. But the one which drove all my attention was Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness, a track that can easily make you go trip for a while. It begins hard, fast and BM as it can be to soon slow down a little and whimsically open the gates to the obscure arts of using all that erudite instrumental that makes the song even more complex. And then we go to Drawn By Nightmare that uses and abuses of this same formula. But a bit slower. The highlight are the rich choirs. All that with touches of a sick and disturbed voice as There Was a Man and Four Hundred Years glimpses us. Last but not least, and the most disturbing song comes ‘Evening Star’ if you listen to the song and think about its name compared to the music you listen. So that was Legacy Of Emptiness’s ‘Over the Past’, a journey to the unknown, to the dark and gloomy views of the past made through epical songs that invite you to trip and have bad dreams…  POLETO


Band Members
Eddie Risdal - Vocals,Guitars,Programming
Kjell-Ivar Aarli - Bass
Øyvind Rosseland - Keyboards
Additional vocals on 'Drawn By Nightmares' performed by Jesse M. Jolly.
Lead guitar on 'Evening Star' performed by Dan Swanö.
Banjo on 'Despair' performed by Geir Emanuelsen.

Track List
01. Reminisce 06:36
02. Despair 04:39
03. Angelmaker 06:04
04. Into The Eternal Pits Of Nightmare 04:45
05. Drawn By Nightmares 06:27
06. There Was A Man 05:53
07. Four Hundred Years 05:28
08. Transition 02:58
09. Evening Stars 05:53

Symphonic Melodic Black Metal
Froland NO
Release Date:  Jun 12 2017
Label:  Black Lion Records
45 MB
128 Kbs



#4 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Shaman Ritual - Sinister Totem (EP) (2017) » 2017-06-04 08:01:17

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Shaman Ritual is a band composed of-who knows how many members.  Sinister Toptem could be their first release.  They or he are a Black Metal band from  Jyväskylä, Finland and Sinister Totem is his or their EP. 
Shaman:  a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits.


I think Shaman Ritual is a one man Black Metal project, He could be a well known member of a well known Finish bend, I do not know.  This person or persons are so deep in the underground that a Cat C18 Track Hoe <excavator> could not uncover them.  The who it is aside, This album is absolute Epic Black Metal.  I started listing to the first track on this album and the vocals literally reached out and took hold of me and shook me in to some kind of trans state.  Each time a track would end my mind would say more, please more!  The vocals and the drums become one on these recordings, not to diminish the awesome guitar work. It’s just that the entire production seems to be one piece of metal that raps your mind in something it really, really wants.  There is a little bit of death buried in these tracks, I just didn’t want to mention that.  This year is not even half over but I am putting this album up as my album of the year <for now any way>.  This is a great one, check it out.  KOJOTE 


Band Member

Track List
1.Ritual 06:12
2.Shroud of Infinity 05:29
3.Hunt for the Mist 03:03
4.Inhaling the Trinary Visions 05:35
5.Being 04:27
6.Above None 06:32

Black Metal
Jyväskylä, Finland
Release Date:  Jun 02 2017
Label: Independent
31.31 MB
128 Kbs



#5 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Zeit - Konvergenz (2017) » 2017-06-04 07:53:29

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Zeit is a Black Doom Metal band fro Leipzig, Germany.  Zeit, which means 'time', is based on the philosophy that time is in fact motionless and only exists in our own minds.  Wir sind Nichts : We are nothing
Album Cover by Win


Konvergenz is the first full length release by the German band Zeit. While their sound is firmly rooted in mid paced riff-heavy black metal, there’s elements of sludge and doom in their music which makes the album an interesting listen to say the least.  The vocals come in as high pitched shrieks, cutting through the mid paced riffs with a cold, steely sharpness. There are hints of stoner doom mixed with the cold harshness of the black metal and the moody vivid melodies stick in your head like a sharp knife.  Zeit’s music is an interweaving of genres wrapping around black metal like a climbing vine.  KOJOTE


Band Members
Win  Drums
Fur  Vocals, Guitars
Flakmann  Bass

Track List
2. Rand 05:07
3. Nichts 05:31
4. Trüb 05:02
5. Weiter 04:31
6. Kalt 04:54
7. Boden 04:41
8. Latenz 05:45

Black Doom Metal
Leipzig, Saxony DE
Release Date:  Jun 02 2017
Label:  Independent
93.57 MB
320 Kbs



#6 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Time Lurker - Time Lurker (2017) » 2017-06-04 07:49:46

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Time Lurker is a one man band project from Strasbourg, France formed in 2014. Time Lurker is his debut full length release.


Time Lurker’s debut is impressive, It’s sophisticated and pretty thoughtful, and could be a tale about any one of us.  There are some slight elements of depressive and post-black metal throughout most of the tracks However, it’s still raw with high pithced screams and black melodies, great riffs and dark rhythms.  The guest vocals add a nice touch and boost the songs to an even higher level.  The songs all intertwine and react nicely with each other.  The Time Luker has made a very emperessive debut.  Black Metal enthusiasts will enjoy this one.  KOJOTE


Band Member
Mick    All  Everything
Guest Vocals  Cédric, Clément, Thibo and Tony

Track List
1. Rupture 11:27   
2. Judgment 08:15   
3. Ethereal Hands    08:31   
4. Reborn 03:53   
5. No Way Out From Mankind 05:49   
6. Passage 02:26   
7. Whispering from Space 08:36

Atmospheric Black Metal
Strasbourg FR
Release Date:  June 02 2017
Label:  Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
113.51 MB
320 Kbs



#7 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Charnel Winds - Verschrankung (2017) » 2017-06-04 07:45:55

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...and we stood vigilant to welcome the coming Saturn-Beast; the
herald of black iron and chaos, first conceived in the storm preceeding the
outbreak of an aeon. The sky twitched in its wake.
The sidereal entity known as CHARNEL WINDS was brought to existence in the autumn of 2003. Some early reflections were actualized in the form of a demo cassette "Stigma Prior Nefastvm", released by Spread Evil in December 2004. It is a truly vicious and intensive opus, albeit both musically and thematically somewhat elemental. Go find it.
At least for the time being, CW involves a number of minds, hands &
voices - whereas the material dating from the period of the First Stigma was nearly exclusively the work of one individual. This arrangement has so far proven to be quite efficient, allowing aural and lyric exploration of various themes from a myriad of different angles, on many overlapping levels.


This second album release from Finland’s Charnel Winds provides the opportunity to explore what they call apocalyptic heterodox black metal. The patterns are bleak and irregular. In fact the patterns amount to creepy and sinister passages, not to mention torture-laden vocals. The riffs are off-key in a way that you might think they could be normal but they’re not.  Avitchi Blues makes steady progress but it’s distorted. The deliberate unpleasantness of the sound bears a resemblance to Ephel Duath, but then normality will resume for a short while and we’re listening to a progressive-sounding black metal. As for the vocals, they’re meant to be ghastly and raw, while reflecting the terrible nature of it all, but they are terrible in their own right.
The freezing sounds of hell link the tracks, so Avitchi Blues leads into the crusty and exploratory Atmaascornful, slowing down to the accompaniment of the ghostly vocals. That’s the politest way I can describe them. But the guitar tune marches along creepily and maintains the dark intrigue. This all comes from an alien world. Rebellion blasts on anarchically, with the insane vocals a side dish to the surging and indeed exciting instrumentals. The Abyss Gazes Als has a hypnotic and lingering quality. The more I listened to this album, the more I liked the pounding strength of the instrumentals. The out of tune vocals mingle with cat screams and even duet with them. The chorus is actually quite catchy. It’s different. Pumping riffs with injections of creepy colour are for me the strength of this well-constructed album. Sometimes it’ll take off for a while as a hidden wind ups the tempo, as it does on Beyond Null Reality before reverting to a strange and dark chant. Seven minutes are then devoted to a lengthy and laborious knife twist on The Heralding before a break and a powerful step-up for the final three minutes of this dark and threat-laden work.
If you’re looking for something oddball in the black metal genre, this may suit you well. Vocals don’t usually bother me, and they didn’t here, but they are strange. What they manage to do is to complete the picture of the grim and largely rule-free world, which Charnel Winds’s instrumentalists portray.  ANDREW DOHERTY


Band Members
Shoo - Guitars, Vocals
Termuthis - Guitar
Sandh - Bass
Wyrmfang - Drums

Track List
1. Devouring the Cursed Fruits of Tartaros 04:53
2. Avitchi Blues 06:08
3. Atmâsphere 06:46
4. Rebellion 03:55
5. The Abyss Gazes Also 06:50
6. Beyond Null Reality 07:52
7. The Heralding 10:17

Black Metal
Jyväskylä, Finland
Release Date:  jun 02 2017
Label:  Feuer Publications
106.96 MB
320 Kbs



#8 Black metal albums (Atmospheric / Depressive / Avant garde / Symphonic) » Gates Of Chaos - From the Abyss of Darkness (2017) » 2017-06-02 13:23:08

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Gates of Chaos are a Symphonic Black Metal band from Ivanovo, Russia  founded in 2014.  Из Бездны Тьмы is their debut album.


I have no information on this band, only that they are fairly new.  They released a four track EP in 2014 followed by single in 2015 and now of course their debut ‘From the Abyss of Darkness’.  Three years in it looks like they are on their way to a promising carer.  One might think that Sympony and Black Metal don’t match up very well however, in the case of Gates Of Chaos they both go together in a very special way.  The symphonic parts mesh well with both the vocals and the lyrics, and the vocals are some of the best I have come across in the genre.  This album has been well produced and executed, and makes for a very solid listen.  There can be nothing better than a Blackened Symphony  of Death.


Band Members
Erlhor  Bass
Nefarious  Guitars
Dien Maximus  Keyboards, Piano
Deadmort  Vocals

Track List
01. Знамение > The High   
02. Чёрная Вода > Black Water   
03. Тропою Скорби > The Path Of Sorrow   
04. Заклятие > The Spell   
05. Из Бездны Тьмы > From the Abyss Of Darkness   
06. Во Мрак > In The Darkness   
07. Перерождение > Rebirth   
08. Nostalgia (Nocturnal Depression Cover)

Symphonic Black Metal
Ivanovo, RU
Release Date:  May 25 2017
Label:  Soundage Productions
67 MB
320 Kbs



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